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Sell Your Jewelry Now

Sell Your Jewelry Now

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Sell your gold with Empire Gold Buyers Fast & Free!

Gold Volatility Empties Jewelry Boxes in Wild Selling Spree


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Empire Gold Buyers

If you are in possession of old or scrap gold, you may be sitting on a literal goldmine without even realizing it. The value of gold is at a record high, and at Empire Gold Buyers, we offer top dollar for your gold jewelry and scrap gold. We are able to offer the best value, because we cut out the middleman and maintain a low overhead, while also dealing in very high volumes. Don't get ripped off by your local gold dealer, who will likely give you pennies on the dollar. Sell gold to Empire Gold Buyers, and get the value you deserve.

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Refining Solutions with Empire

For over 13 years Empire Gold Buyers has been providing refining solutions for the general public, banks and institutional clients.

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Why Sell Gold to Empire Gold Buyers?

You need a company who offers friendly service, high prices, convenience and no obligation appraisals. Sell Gold Now!

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How Selling Gold Works

Most people have old gold that could be earning them quick cash if only selling gold were easier. It is with Empire Gold Buyers!

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Federal Express

Offers secured Federal Express overnight shipping which is insured up to $ 25,000 to safe guard your valuables.

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Hard times? More selling Grandma's ring for cash

NEW YORK (Reuters) In economic hard times, investors traditionally buy gold, but more people hit by the recession are now selling the precious metal, jewelry, and even gold teeth, to raise cash.

People are scouring through attics and jewelry boxes for gold, silver, diamonds and anything else of value to help pay the mortgage.

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Golden memories for sale in hard times

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) -- At All That Glitters Jewelry and Loans, aesthetic and sentimental values get checked at the door.

In Midtown Manhattan, Empire Gold Buyers, has seen a roughly 25 percent increase in walk-in traffic since major investment banks and other financial institutions ran into their own financial difficulties.

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What Customers are saying About Us

THANK YOU! I'd been wanting to sell my old gold necklaces forever, but it seemed like too much trouble. You guys made it so easy to sell my gold for cash. I've already got a few more things now I'm ready to sell.

– Sandra B

My neighbor told me how much cash Empire Gold gave her for her gold coins. I couldn't believe it but you paid me even more cash for my gold! Thanks!

– Jonas S.

I don't know why anyone goes to a pawn shop anymore. I can get paid more than twice as much when I sell gold without leaving my front yard! I'll always sell gold to Empire from now on.

– Sharon W.